About Us

About  Us

     Our faculty was founded by cabinet decree on July 30 2008 upon  July  21 2008 dated and 18255 numbered writing of the Ministry of National Education according to  March  28  1983  dated and 2809 numbered law's supplemetary 30th item.

     Our faculty  started in 2009-2010  academic year by admitting students to the departments of Nursing  and Midwifery,Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation , Nutrition and Dietetics.In 2009-2010 academic year, Nursing and Midwifery students of Health College were transferred to our faculty.In 2013, foundation of Healthcare Management,Audiology,Social Service and Ergotherapy, within the structure of our faculty, was decided  by the council of  higher education and in 2014-2015 academic year, Healthcare Management department started by admitting students both to formal education and night school programs.Our recently founded other departments will admit students after completing the construction.Our faculty continues its teaching and  training activities totally with 1562 students.
      The Aim of Our Foundation
       Trakya University Healthcare Sciences Faculty was founded with the aim of training health professionals who have a broad vision,who are sensitive  to cultural and social values,who adopt supremacy of human beings and human rights,who are required both in our country and in the world,who are investigative and productive in the light of changes that globalization has brought. 
       Health Sciences Faculty that exactly represents  Trakya University,which is one of the important training institutions  of Turkey and the Balkans,in training,science,health and social area with its institutional culture and identity defends the importance of cooperation and scientific facts both in national and international scientific fields.  
       Our Basic Values
Respect for  human beings and human rights
Being scientific
Quality education
Corporate and social responsibility
Team work
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